Why I'm running.


Being on the school board for the past three years has been one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have done in my life. I understood when I was given this opportunity, that I had incredible shoes to fill. My predecessor, Betty Covington, took an active roll in her district, and I made it my mission to continue that tradition by attending as many events as possible to lend my support to the schools in my district. Working with families across this district, I have come to realize that my job on the board is not done, and all the families in my district deserve an advocate who is committed to them, and I would like to continue to prove that I am the right person for that job.

As a teacher, I always realized the importance of the special education program. Three months before the election, my oldest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My wife and I have spent countless hours advocating for him for therapy and his education. To say it has been a difficult journey would be an understatement, however, it has shown me that our special needs population deserves an advocate who understands at least some of what they experience, and one who will fight to see their needs addressed and met. In keeping with this belief, I have encouraged parents across the county to reach out to me for support with IEP meetings, class accommodations, transportation needs, and their overall satisfaction with their child’s educational experience. I want to run for re-election to keep that focus on the forefront of the new School Board’s attention.

Once I took office, I realized that the Potomac District has more military families than any other district in the county. I have worked with individual military families as well as our military liaison officers to ensure that support is given during a family’s transition into our county. I have advocated in Richmond, for the successful adoption of the Purple Star Program, a program that recognizes schools which provide exemplary services to military students. Despite having not served in the armed forces myself, I realize the sacrifice that these families make, and I want to ensure that they have as smooth an integration into our county as possible.

I began my career in education as a teacher, and I use those years to guide my decisions on the board. As the only Board member who has been in the classroom within the last decade, I can offer a perspective to Board decisions that no one else can provide. Only a teacher really knows what it is like to be in the classroom day after day, and it is our job to advocate for these teachers as well as the other members of our educational community. By supporting our teachers, we ensure that our students have a world class education, and it is my intention to continue to fight for the needs of our teachers.

Running for office is never easy, but it is my belief that my job on the school board is not done. I want to continue to be an advocate for those in the special education program. I want to make sure we are providing the best education for all of our students. I want to make sure that our military families receive the support and respect they deserve. I want our teachers to feel valued and respected by the entire community. I want them to receive the support they need to educate our students to the best of their abilities. I want to be your school board representative for another term.





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