Student Growth 


In 2015, Justin ran for the school board seat pledging to reduce trailers throughout the Potomac District. Since January of 2016, the Potomac District has seen nearly a 50% decrease in the number of modular classrooms. The trailer reductions have been a direct reflection of capital improvement projects that have either wholly eliminated trailers on school-sites, or severely reduced their presence.


These additions included the 10-classroom addition at Henderson Elementary (including a STEAM lab). A 10-classroom addition at Pattie Elementary (including a STEM lab), and the construction of the Covington-Harper Elementary School, which added 45 regular-sized classrooms, intended for general education delivery. The opening of Covington-Harper eliminated trailers at Mary Williams Elementary, Swans Creek, and dramatically reduced trailers at Dumfries Elementary. 


The Potomac District will also see the future completion of a new middle school back in the Potomac Shores Community. This middle school will include 1,464 seats and is slated to be open in September of 2021. The addition of a new middle school is intended to reduce overcrowding at Graham Park Middle School. Justin has also worked with administration and Supervisor Maureen Caddigan to acquire a new site for another elementary school back in the Potomac Shores Community. 


Justin pledges to continue working with the administration to proactively plan for student growth, to ultimately reduce class size throughout the Potomac District

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